2R Series

2R Series Medium Duty Roll Coating Gluer

2R technical data sheet

Available Options:

  • Variable Speed Drive
  • 220V
  • 50Hz
  • Edge & Strip Option
  • Cardboard Rigid Material Option
  • Heated Tank Option


  • Removable Stainless Steel Tank
  • Stainless Steel removable Rollers
  • Easy Access Hinged Feed Table
  • Tank Roll Operates at 1/5 speed
  • Adjustable Glue Coating Dial

Cut Costs While Applying A Better Coating!

When you have a coating job to be done, the POTDEVIN 2R machine will cut coating costs dramatically. The material and labor savings will pay for the machine many times over.

Production costs can be dramatically reduced through the machine’s efficiency and accuracy. A simplistic design allows any operator to produce precise and repeatable coatings. Optional equipment can provide various coatings from total coverage to strip patterns. The 2R is a robust medium duty machine designed to handle higher volume production. Operating costs are significantly reduced with the hinged feed table, removable glue tank and roller allowing for quick cleanup times. Versatility and ease of use make it the perfect machine for any coating application.

The 2R machine can apply a delicate and accurate coating to sheets of various sizes and shapes. The machine can handle a wide variety of coatings, including hot or cold glues, latex, resins, paint, varnish, lacquer, UV, epoxy, and silicone. Pliable materials up to 1/8" can be coated efficiently. When equipped with cardboard attachment, rigid materials up to 3/8" can be coated.
Try a POTDEVIN 2R for short runs or for long, high-speed production. You'll get the same low-cost repeatable results whether you coat paper, plastic, leather, cardboard, cloth, glass, plywood, MDF, OSB, vinyl, metal or any other material.


The 2R is available in 9”,12”,15” 18” and 21” roller widths.

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The Potdevin 2R coats sheets of various thicknesses. Embossed materials are properly coated as glue is forced into the deep hollows, crevices and ridges. Materials of uneven thickness are coated uniformly. The diagram showing position of various rollers. Flexible material is curved around the gluing roller for the correct glue application.

Sheets of stiff cardboard, veneer wood, glass, plywood, fibre, etc., are uniformly glued without being bent or creased. Board any thickness from post card to wall-board is correctly coated. The cardboard attachment can be placed on the machine quickly. Spring tension permits the rollers to raise to accommodate the thickness of the material being coated. Diagram shows position of various rollers and the use of the cardboard attachment roller.
Model sizes and specifications: