Model NTZ Medium Duty Roll Coating Gluer

Key Features of the NTZ

Heavy Duty Construction

  • Sturdy Cast Iron Frames
  • Stainless Steel Feed Table
  • Stainless Steel Glue Tank (removeable)

Design Features

  • Small Diameter Coating Roller applies uniform coating to both uneven and smooth surfaces
  • Long Wearing Bronze Pick Off Fingers.
  • Oilite Bronze Bearings providing smooth operation.
  • Extra Large Side Scrapers providing longer periods of operation without the need for stops to clean up excess adhesive on the side walls of the rollers.
  • Slow Speed Tank Roller reduces agitation and foaming of adhesives feed roller.

Potdevin Machine has been the Leader in roll coating equipment since 1893.

The Model NTZ is also the leader for applying in precise coatings to materials up to 1/2" thick.

The NTZ will help you save up to 35% on labor and adhesives.

It is easy to clean and the coating thickness is easily adjusted by way of the Potdevin Regulator dial which will save adhesive and produce top quality applications.

Available in 27"-42" widths

The Potdevin Coating Regulator Dial

A quick turn of this dial and you have the thickness of coating desired.

Versatile Production Features
Apply Water Soluble Adhesives and Coatings to Paper, Corrugated, Leather, Hardwood, Chipboard, Plastic, Foam, Glass, Metal, Rubber, and Fabric.


Heated option available for animal glue. Convert from cold to hot quickly and seamlessly. Machines must be thoroughly cleaned to change adhesives.

Slow Speed Tank Roller reduces agitation and foaming of adhesives.

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