LM Series

Label Pasters

Model Machine
Size Labels Pasted
Table Space
Shpg. Wt.
LM-6 6” 1/2” x 2” 5 3/4” x any length 10”x 12” 40 lbs.
LM-81/2 8 1/2“ 1/2” x 2” 8 1/4” x any length 10”x 15” 48 lbs.
LM-12 12“ 1/2” x 2” 11 1/2” x any length 18”x20” 54 lbs.

Easy to Clean!

The pasting machine unit is simply lifted from the motor base for cleaning. Its ease of cleaning permits use of many types of water soluble cold liquid adhesives. Heavy Duty Rugged, all-metal cast iron construction’ Stainless Steel rollers and Oilite bearings insure years of

trouble-free service.

Motors and accessories options 115V & 220 Volt 50 & 60 Cycle

Other motors on request. Heated option for Animal Glue

The LM Labeler can continuously paste odd size and shape labels at a fast, steady pace without any changes in machine adjustment. One or two operators can alternately supply themselves with an assortment of labels. Or one operator can supply labels to three or four operators who manually apply the labels. Short runs or special jobs can quickly be handled with the POTDEVIN LABEL PASTER.

Ideal as an auxiliary labeler in plants with mass production set-ups. The quality of the hand labeled items will compare favorably in appearance to the neatness and uniformity of automatic machine results.

Save up to 30% time in labeling bottles, cartons, cans, boxes and other items. Here is an example of the many products labeled with POTDEVIN LABEL PASTERS

Wines, Liquors, Beer, Cosmetics, Cigar Boxing, Cotton Goods, Grinding Wheels, Rubber Goods, Food Packaging, Rolls of Paper, Greeting Cards, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Photos, Knitwear, Batteries, Paint, Cans, Tile, Electrical Devices, Toys, Games, Puzzles, Roofing Paper, Hardware, Artwork, Packaging



A quick turn of this dial and you have the thickness of coating desired. Materials of varying thickness can be coated alternately. Each receives the exact coating needed.

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