Heavy Duty Z Series

Heavy Duty Z Series – Roll Coating Applicator




Stainless Removable Glue pan.

HOT GLUE—hot flexible or ground animal glues are kept at the proper working temperature by thermostatically-controlled electric heater encased underneath the glue tank. The heater is completely wired, including a thermostatic control, 15 ft. cord and separable plug for 110-volt or 220-volt socket

REGULATOR DIAL—Accurately controls thickness of coating required. Materials of varying thickness or type can be coated with a quick adjustment.

CLEAN EDGES—Machine accuracy eliminates glue spreading at the edges of the sheets. Saves time and money with repeatable consistent results.

CONSTRUCTION—Machines are supplied with stainless steel rollers.

TANKS—Can be supplied in cast iron or removable stainless steel

WEB COATING—Special attachment available for coating continuous webs of material rather than sheets. Usually used in conjunction with existing unwind, rewind set-ups. (call factory for more information)

BEARINGS—Machines equipped with heavy duty bearings for longer wear and more efficient operation.

FLOOR STAND—Mounted on free-rolling ball bearing casters for use to move machine to various work stations, or move out of the way when not in use. (Optional equipment.)


When you are looking for the right roll coater for your large format production jobs look no further than the Potdevin Heavy Duty Z Series SHEET COATING and GLUING EQUIPMENT. The HDZ will significantly cut your coating costs and provide the results only a Potdevin Gluer can deliver.

Production costs go down while the machine does the work. Simple in design, your operators can render the finest coating efficiently and accurately over the material. The HDZ machines were designed to LOWER your production costs and SAVE money... and give you a superior coating at the same time.

The Potdevin HDZ Series offer machines in 39, 46, 54 and 60 inch widths capable of tackling any roll coating operation. The HDZ Machine offers a robust design intended for industrial large format applications with demanding production results.

THE POTDEVIN HDZ Series Roll Coaters apply a delicate and accurate coating to sheets of various sizes and shapes. Coating materials such as hot or cold glue, latex, resin, paint, varnish and lacquer work with equal ease. Pliable materials up to 1/8” can be coated efficiently. When the HDZ machines are equipped with the Rigid Material CBA option (Cardboard Attachment) these machines will coat materials up to 3/8” and 1” thick. Edge And Strip options that produce strip patterns and variable speed drives are available to meet your production needs.

Consider a POTDEVIN HDZ Coater for wide format short or long runs. You’ll get the same cost-cutting results whether you coat paper, leather, cardboard, cloth, glass, plywood, pressed-wood, metal or any other material.

Your best choice for GREATER EFFICIENCY

POTDEVIN — ideally suited in the manufacture of the following:

Luggage, Display Mounts, Briefcases, Picture Frames, Silverware Cases, Decals, Desk Pads, Table Pads, Mirrors, Typographic Proof Sheets, Paper Boxes, Loose-Leaf Binders, Electrical Parts, Cigar Boxes, Book Covers, Bookbinding, Toys & Games, Leather Goods, Menu Covers, Furniture, Caskets, Photographic Mounts, Novelties, Vanity Cases, Sample Cards & Swatches, Wallets, Cosmetic Boxes, Belts, Automotive Parts, Shoe Parts

Two diagrams showing recommended layouts of work benches, workers and gluing machine so that up to four workers can alternately use one gluing machine.

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A quick turn of this dial and you have the thickness of coating desired. Materials of varying thickness can be coated alternately. Each receives the exact coating needed.


Attachment for Rigid Materials
Sheets of stiff cardboard, veneer, wood, fibre, cork, glass, etc. are uniformly coated without being bent or creased. Rigid materials up to 3/8” thickness are correctly coated by using the standard Rigid Material Coating Attachment. This attachment can be placed on the machine or removed in 15 minutes. Spring tension permits the rollers to raise in accordance to the thickness of the material in addition to the thumb-screw pressure adjustment.


Handles materials up to 1” thick. Adjusts from either side for even pressure across the face of the roller.OR POTDEVIN SHEET COATERS


Permits application of any number of parallel strips of adhesive. Rollers of various widths from 1/16” wide can be supplied. Rollers are adjustable on strip shaft for any pattern of parallel strips. Side gauges are supplied for the proper registration of these strips. Rigid material attachment can be supplied for handling strip gluing of rigid materials.

Diagram of POTDEVIN GLUER showing position of various rollers. Flexible materials curve around the gluing roller for the correct glue application.

Diagram of POTDEVIN GLUER showing position of various rollers and the use of two cardboard attachment rollers. Rigid materials pass thru the machine straight— no bending or creasing. Rigid and flexible materials can be alternately coated without adjustments.