Potdevin Machine is widely known for producing various types of industrial equipment. Among our product offerings, we are particularly noted for adhesive and laminating applications. Potdevin has a long history dating back to 1893 that has evolved into a staple name in the coatings industry. Our design and functionality has transformed the industry with machines that have a proven history of precision and durability.

Potdevin Machine has specialized devices such as glue spreaders, label pasters, and rotary press machines. Our machines have been used across different industries, including printing, packaging, and manufacturing, for applying adhesive to paper, fabric, corrugated and other materials. The quality and reliability of Potdevin machines have made us the go-to choice for businesses requiring precise roll coating application solutions.

Over the years, technology and models have evolved, but the company’s commitment to quality and innovation has remained constant. Despite the advances in digital technology and automation, the demand for Potdevin machines continues, particularly in specialized or niche markets where our specific functionality is required.

The history of the Potdevin Company mirrors the industrial evolution of the United States, showcasing the transition from manual labor-intensive processes to a semi or fully automatic label paster such as our ALMF Series Equipment.  Potdevin has made a lasting impact in the field of adhesive and roll coating application equipment.

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