Potdevin Machine Co. is a family owned business that was established in 1893 and incorporated in 1906. Our mission has always been to supply a quality machine that is easy to use, simple to maintain and provide many years of reliable service.

Markets and Industries Potdevin Machine serves.

There are many new industries discovering application solutions with roll coating machinery. Here are a few; Fuel Cell Manufacturing - Motor Lamination Industries – Screen Printing for the Sign Industry

Existing Industries we serve:

Potdevin has been manufacturing equipment for over 130 years. Our machines have evolved over the years as industries have changed and new technologies have been developed. Industries like labeling and packaging have remained the same for many years, however new applications have emerged where roll coating provides a perfectly metered layer in high tolerance products. Many adhesives and coatings are expensive and require repeatable results. Potdevin machines deliver high performance and consistent results. The following is a list of just few industries we serve.

HVAC &Filter Industry, Box Assembly & Manufacturing, Corrugated & Containers, Photo Framing, Die Cutting, Leather Craft, Tobacco Industry, Brewing and Wine making Industries, Games & Puzzle Industry, Art Framing, Library Services,

Adhesive Applications, Bookbinding, Food Packaging, Converting Industries, Sound Equipment & Amplifiers, Laminations, Menu Covers, Labels, Labeling, Bottle Labeling, Can Labeling, Cork Product Industries, Printing, Fiber Products,

Foam Products, Graphics, Plastics Industries, Packaging, Shoe & Boot Making Industries, Display Fabrication, Paper & Stationary, Sign industries, Fabric & Textile Industry, Media & Advertising Industries, Fuel Cell, Electric Motor Laminations, Paint Industries, Fishing Industries